Sisters Page







Sisters Page

Arminda Colón Founder / MyCoCreations


MyCoCreations is a Family/Community, Handcrafted & Unique, Eco-Friendly, health consciously creative company that exists to empower each of us while providing products that help you to live a healthier, happier life.   In this day and age where most decisions are made for you, usually without regard for how it will affect you, we have noticed that your uniqueness, your inner light, what makes you special is getting lost and we are here to help you let your inner light shine on the outside by allowing you to take part in the creation process.


MyCoCreations offers a wide array of customizable, handcrafted items for everyone and best of all our ingredients are natural, organic, eco friendly and unique because you get to choose the fabric , ingredients, colors and scents that go into the final product. Why accept what is given to you when you can create what you want?


I hope my logo brings you joy, my personality allows you to reach out to me effortlessly and my trademark is everlasting.


~Creating the world that we want to live in one product at a time.


@MyCoCreations on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube


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