I Become What I Think About All Day Long!!

On this page I will share what my passion is. Granted i love all things i post this one is extra special because it is part of what i am. This photo was created by my thoughts and a friends art work! It represents what i am striving for on my path through greatness! Building soil has become my greatness passion at this point in my life.  In my striving to create great food, soil is a t the forefront of that journey!  So this is how i came up with my logo.  As tinker bell found her calling in life and was named tinker bell. So did i and thus named my journey SOILBELL!!  I am so excited to share and learn my experiences with like minded people!  I hope this journey will inspire earthly being on there journey as well.  I wish people that are inspired leave comment and interact with me through leaving comments.  I hope to post often as i do not have internet on the home front but will get connected as often as possible!20150902_102903