First time canner!!

1470850773988My first timing canning was a success!!  My other half brought home two buckets of pears picked from a customers tree that they did not want!  I am the so lucky!!  I have been wanting to can anything for a long time.  I have had the jars and the know how but i guess the time just want right!  As soon as i got done canning i wanted to open them up right away to taste how they came out. But i will wait a while.  I cant wait until i get some more pears to can.  I feel so accomplished. Like a little squirrel hiding food for the winter for its family!.  It is a must try!  Thank you to the family who didn’t  want the pears!  And thank you for reading my little blog! Love and light. SOILBELL:))


4 thoughts on “First time canner!!

  1. Good job! I have been wanting to try canning but I haven’t created the opportunity yet. Shame on me! You got me thinking about it again!

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    • Its is an amazing feeling!! Yet i haven’t canned anything i have grown yet but i can imagine how that feels!! I want to do cucs next but not sure if this years harvest will amount to anything! Still building soil naturally!
      Thank you for your comments!! Love and light.

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