Every Wednesday, I hope to find a new ‘weed’ to investigate. My only criterion will be that I will not have deliberately planted the subject of our inquiry. Who knows what we will find….. Dear Readers, what a handsome plant common mallow is! There are several specimens growing in an area of the playing fields […]

via Wednesday Weed – Common Mallow — Bug Woman – Adventures in London


6 thoughts on “WEEDS??

  1. Of course ‘Wednesday Weed’ is ironic :-). A weed is just a plant that grows where human beings don’t want it to be. We owe a whole lot to ‘weeds’ for their beauty and for their usefulness as food and medicine.

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  2. It is quite a beauty! So many “weeds” are so beautiful. I’m not certain they all are “weeds”. Hahaha…a weed to some is a useful plant to others. Take the dandelion; I use it in many ways…for instance I blend the plant up in my smoothies! 🙂 So good for the body! Great post and lovely “weed”. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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