A day of my life…

Sitting on my front step watching my daughter do flips on her trampoline! Sipping some ice water with lemon essential oils in it. It is July,30th at 7:30 p.m 2016.  It is beautiful outside the sun is setting, the birds, chickens and ducks along with the crickets are all singing their own life’s story.  All the while the kittens are being chased up the tree by the dog!  We had a wonderful day!  We woke up to the sound of the dogs barking at 6:30 a.m.  As I wiped my eyes and looked out the front window i saw the pigs at the front door looking for some food!  Not wanting them to dig up my garden i put my boots on and headed out of the door before even getting a drink of water. Which sounds small but i try to drink lots of water before going outside because once i get out there i get mesmerized by the beauty of the great outdoors and forget to hydrate myself!  After i got the pigs back into the pen i hopped along to the bunnies to feed and water them the scratched my way to the chickens to do the same!  Last but not least the goats had to be moved!. At this point i was so energized by the sun and trees that i started to wash clothes and hung them up to dry on our solar powered dryer!  The clothes line!   Ok so now in hungry! potatoes with red onions and eggs was on the menu!  The phone rung it was my mother asking to help her load her car with a pot full of hot peanuts to sell at the river. We headed over to her house. Loaded the car and went to the river to help her unload her daily profits!. It was getting hot and steamy out so we all jumped in the river to cool off. What a way to not let the time fly by!  My daughter being a water baby wanted to stay with grandma while papa and i went back to the home front to work on the pig pen. We then went to get a bite to eat and take a nap!. Up to feed the animals again. By that time my mother was dropping my daughter off.  We ate dinner.  Now i am sitting on the front steps watching my daughter  jump on her trampoline and enjoying writing a little bit about a day of my life.  Sitting here taking a moment is one of the best ways to not let the time fly.  SO take as many moment as you can to enjoy the reflections of you day! Write them down too!!


Hope you enjoyed:)

Love and light Soil bell
Dont let life fly by!


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