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listening to the whispers of the leaves, hoping they’ll tell you that this is not where you should be. Unroot yourself from misery, and seek the light of my joy. Grow, Flourish, Happily.

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10 Things You Should Know About Honey Bees — Keep the Bees Please

Honey bees help people. Bees are pretty incredible creatures. They are responsible for pollinating over 130 varieties of fruits and vegetables, approximately one-third of the food we eat. This is equal to $265 billion dollars annually. If that wasn’t enough, bee products from their honey to their venom, have been proven to reduce the growth of cancer. (Greenpeace) They live in structured caste systems. […]

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Food Waste Is A Serious Problem: How To Combat It & Save Money At The Same Time — peoples trust toronto I doubt many of us intentionally waste food. We are all aware of just how serious the global hunger issue is, and would never want to make an already unacceptable situation even worse. But I’m also sure that the majority of us unconsciously waste food regularly. Don’t believe me? Think of how often things […]

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Soil Building!!

I started my soil building with creating a worm composting system with a rabbit hutch on top!!  We laid the concrete slab down and built up the sides with cinder blocks. Raked some leaves, put them in and bought 5,000 worms and out them in as well. Then made a rabbit hutch and put that on top on the worm system.  Between the rabbit manure the leaves and the worms composting them it is working out well.  The only thing that i would have done different is not put so much money into the foundation of the worm system and use the resources that was around my property!  But all in all it is working out great.20150807_132103



I have never been shown how to create the life i want in my younger years.   But as i grew up i new i wanted things that made me happy and leaning how to get them was my quest!  I started reading self help books.  The first one i picked up in a book store was Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill. This was the beginning of my journey through my own mind!! It was amazing. I recommend anyone who wants to create the life they know they we put here for, this one is a must!!  After that book i bought my first house at the age of 25!! I believe that book encouraged me to be the person no one ever told i could be!!  Then after i read that book over and over until the pages were falling out i picked up becoming a better you by Joel Osteen. That book help me with my self confidence!! Although i don’t follow his same practices a lot of what he said was rang true for me at that moment in my life!  After that book and taping sticking notes all over my bedroom.  I was so inspired by his book.   It was at that point that i started nursing school and became a nurse! That was a major accomplishment for me!!  Not being very  good in grade school.  But i knew that if i wanted it bad enough and took steps forward to get there i would!  Fast forward several years later i thought i would but another major dream of mine to the test to see if i could bring it into fruition.  That was to buy some land that i had wanted since i was 16!  So i set out to reach that goal and that too came true!  I am now reading another book by the author Napoleon Hill.  It is called OUTWITTING THE DEVIL.  And let me tell you this one is no joke. I am using this book to get me to my next level of self sufficiency. That is to grow has much organic food as possible to be able to feed my family, make an income off of it and the surplus to be able to donate to the needy.  I am ready to see my next steps of my mind and the power of it, release to me all that i ask of this great infinite intelligence!!


Thank you to all that will read and be inspired!    I hope that someone will feel inspired enough to go buy anyone or all these book and start or continue your life dream!!

Love and light!  Seek peace and Keep it!!  SOILBELL:)