We are here!!!

We are here. Now what…

Well we started with 20 acres of pine tree forest that had to be removed. So in late November big trucks and tractor trailers filled the air with noise of breaking timber ready to be hauled away!  It was bitter sweet. I loved to see all of the beautiful pine trees but also new that i needed space to plant my own trees and grow my own food. We watched from the camper as the trees danced theu the forest making there way to the trucks to be hauled away to the lumber mill. It was neat to see the process of harvesting timber knowing that i was planting trees in its place and not leaving it bare.  Now left was a big mess that had to be cleaned up. Thank goodness it was getting cold because we lit fire after fire to clean up the mess. I felt good about burning because it was putting char into the soil with she good for building the soil. Nearing spring I found a little patch of land that i could cultivate that didn’t have stumps from the left timber removal. A friend and i found a neighbor who had cow and he let us harvest his cow manure. Will filled trash bag after trash bag full of cow poop!  After what seemed like a thousand pounds of cow manure we didn’t even make a dent in my little patch!  But it sure helped. The weather was starting to warm up so we stopped collecting the manure and started planting!!  The  little garden fed us nice salads for the summer from cucs to amaranth to even a couple ears of corn and one lonely heirloom squash!  But in order to get to the scale i wanted i was going to have to grow my soil even more!



Hope you enjoyed!



4 thoughts on “We are here!!!

    • Thank you brandy yes it is! Though i am working with finding peace in the now and stop wanting things to appear so all at once.


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