On the road to self reliance!

Deciding to become more self reliant is not always easy but it is truly rewarding.

We came from a nice home in the city to 20 acres of raw land and not much know how but we surely had the want and need!  Since i was 16 years of age i had the desire to own my own land and raise my children up so that they wouldn’t have to worry about how they would pay a bill or get there next meal.  All i knew is that i want to have my garden of eden. To have fruit and nut trees dripping with organic greatness, was my idea of the DREAM. so i set out to make a life for myself to obtained my goals. I became a nurse which i love and hate. I knew that i would create the income that i needed to get to  my goal of owning my own land and and i also enjoyed caring for people!  So after many years of working hard and looking for land the perfect opportunity presented itself!  My dreams finally came true we packed up what we could sold the rest and moved 5 hours away!   We bought a pop up camper and lived in it for 1 year! The land was raw and we had to get power a well and trees cleared!! But we did it! We moved and never looked back!

Thank you to my daughters who encouraged me to do what made me happy even if it took them away from everything they knew:) I love you. And thank you to my other half without you the move would not have been possible!

Sincerely, Soilbell


12 thoughts on “On the road to self reliance!

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    • AWW thank you!! What kind words to help me thru my journey! I am glad it makes someone happy and inspired! My life is complete:))


    • Awww thanks:))) not really a writer but I love to share!! And I love go see others stories as well !! Thank you again love and light


    • AWWWW!! Thank you for your comment! I love it although it has its rough days just like anything else!! That is awesome for you and your husband!! Congrats and happy retirement when it comes!

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